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Catering Service Available for Parties & weddings


We at Delta Caterers explore all avenues of catering services to serve our clients. We cater in Nizamabad outdoor events such as corporate lunches, formal dinners and theme parties for our clientele. Special catering arrangements are made for Chartered Trains. We provide Outdoor Catering services for groups ranging from 100 to 5000 for events ranging from Birthdays to Kitty Parties to Wedding ceremonies. Our vast and efficient logistics support will ensure a smooth handling of the process. Based in Nizamabad India; Delta Catering services offer you a wide and varied range of catering and beverage services. From large scale commercial clients requiring banqueting facilities for hundreds of delegate's right through to domestic, more intimate barbecues, parties and receptions. We have menus and options to suit every budget and if in doubt, please give us a call and we will work with you to meet your requirements within your means.

Our comprehensive range of catering services is suitable for any event. From a birthday party right through to Corporate and wedding catering.From fun, themed barbecues right through to wedding receptions, our range of catering has been developed to meet all of our clients' needs; we can even put together bespoke catering packages to ensure you get exactly what you want. You will find out prices are highly competitive and we can cater for you almost anywhere, regardless of the facilities at your chosen location. At Delta Catering our outdoor catering service (Hospitality Catering Specialists), which comes as a refreshing bonus for all customers? With expert master chefs specializing in cooking authentic Indian, Gujarati, Marwari, Sindhi, South Indian, Bengali, Chinese and Continental cuisines, your party is bound to make waves.

The hospitality specialists will take care of all your needs by catering right up to your doorstep anywhere in India, with a catering capacity to serve 60 to 5000 guests. Be it a grand wedding, a conference party, a birthday bash or just about any gathering. All your part woes are put to rest as our exclusive chefs get busy in creating culinary magic.